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We recently held a webinar for Community Association Managers and Board Members to share best practices on how to communicate with residents in an age when we are practicing social distancing. Peter Pietrkiewicz, CEO and Founder of Concierge Plus and Jenna Foran, Real Estate Partnership Representative at PATTISON Outdoor shared great insights – check them out here.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Technology is a necessity. Using technology is more than ever critical in a post-COVID19 environment – community associations have been caught off guard and residents are demanding a digital transformation in their communities.

  • Technology must be cloud based. Outdated technology that does not allow managers to work remotely or allow board members to meet virtually will force management to change their current tech solution.

  • The people are critical. Property managers and rest of the staff are critical in a pandemic situation. On a good day, property managers have a difficult job but during an urgent situation like COVID19, residents see property managers as trusted advisors and expect relevant information that can help them make the right decisions.

  • Digital signage enhances the resident experience. Research shows that elevator screens attracts residents’ attention the most. They are an excellent communication tool where property managers can push through important messages to their residents. These screens provide relevant and up-to-date content like news and weather.

  • Stay informed the paperless way. Even before the pandemic people have been going paperless. The trend is to go digital as it is environmentally friendly as you are saving paper and you are reducing costs associated with notices under the door. It is furthermore a notable timesaver and digital screens will be something property managers and residents can rely on if a pandemic is to happen again. You will have the means of connecting with residents in a safe, paperless, and contactless form in real-time.

Digital signage with PATTISON Outdoor

PATTISON Outdoor, the leading provider of Out-of-Home digital displays in Canada, is proud to offer one of the most extensive inventories of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) products. Through strategic partnerships, PATTISON Outdoor has established itself as the most comprehensive digital signage provider, offering more environments and innovative products to ensure that messages can reach audiences from coast-to-coast.

With years of technological development, extensive research, and identifying how audiences interact with digital signage and content, PATTISON Outdoor has developed a platform that is 100% catered to the environment and the interests of the viewer. What separates PATTISON Outdoor apart from other digital signage providers, are the in-house solutions that are made possible by a team of digital experts. Integration with Concierge Plus is seamless with their technical capabilities, as well as the flexible interface that brings their digital solution to the desired space with ease.

Delivering content with contextual relevance is the highest form of currency when it comes to reaching audiences; it makes messages more impactful. Offering digital screens within a residential property gives a modern upgrade to make residents feel more connected with their building while receiving an additional amenity for information such as our curated news content from their respected partner, Global News, traffic conditions, transit updates weather, sports and entertainment.

It’s an interesting time to be a community association manager. Communicating with residents is not business as usual, and you have the opportunity to be an agent of change.

Watch our webinar titled Resident Communication & Digital Signage Reinvented


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