Community Associations are the perfect place to build community spirit— especially during the holidays. Here are a few suggestions on how to get your residents connecting, collaborating, and spreading holiday cheer with our Resident Experience Management platform.

Rules regarding holiday displays

Community guidelines and rules help lay the foundation for a successful community. Your community may choose to develop a holiday and religious display rule that is easy for residents to follow and simple to enforce.

Our Resident Experience Management platform’s following built-in features can help you with your community association’s rules and regulations:

  • Quick Votes
    Board members can gather the opinion of residents on whether they believe your community association would benefit from a rule for holiday and religious displays. Our Quick Votes feature can help you provide immediate feedback on religious displays in your community.

  • Discussion Forum
    If your community decides it would benefit from a rule, include community consensus in the rule and request feedback from residents throughout the process.
    Our Discussion Forum feature can help build a connected community and you can invite residents to discuss topics related to holiday and religions displays.

  • File Sharing
    Ensure that your new policy is consistent with your association’s governing documents as well as state and local laws.
    You can securely store and share your policy using our File Sharing feature.

  • Newsletter
    Communicate new information to all residents after the policy is adopted. You can use our Newsletter feature to distribute such information.

Events and activities

Events and activities can be a great opportunity for your residents to get to know one another. Residents can avoid multiple bookings of a party room with our Amenity Bookings feature, which lets them see availability at their convenience.

Parcels and deliveries

Many residents in community associations have been frequent targets of package theft during the holiday season. We recommend using our efficient package delivery system to deter thieves and ensure packages are kept safe:

  • Barcode Scanner
    When a courier truck pulls up with gifts and packages, your concierge or security guard can pull out our barcode scanner to efficiently scan every package. After each item has been identified, they push one button to quickly email, call, or text residents to let them know that their packages have arrived. 

  • Digital Signature Pad
    As residents pick-up their gifts and packages, they sign on a digital signature pad to permanently and securely confirm their identity.
    Property Managers and other administrative staff can quickly search for any package in the system (picked up or not) to find all of the details. Items left for pick-up by residents are also managed in Concierge Plus. Each item is recorded with a unique number, and our system will even print a tag to apply to the item so it can easily be found in your storage area. As soon as the item is picked up, the resident will be notified by email, phone call, or text!

  • Digital Display Screens
    You can use our digital lobby display screens to alert residents that gifts and parcels are available for pick-up. These screens are an incredible enhancement to a lobby or mail room.

  • Smart Package Lockers
    With our API integration you can use third-party smart package lockers to use the same resident database you already have in Concierge Plus. Residents will be notified via, email, call, or text, once a parcel has been put in the smart parcel locker.

Overnight guests and parking

During the holidays, residents are often visited by friends and relatives who make an extended stay.

Using our Entry Instructions feature, residents can manage instructions on a per suite/unit basis and add friends or relatives that need access to their suite. Residents can also add specific instructions to make sure specific individuals are not allowed access.

More guests also mean extra cars will need to be parked and residents hosting guests should check the rules on visitor parking.

With our Resident & Visitor Parking feature, your team can manage visitor parking, track vehicle details, and even print visitor parking passes using an optional printer. They can even differentiate between daytime and overnight passes!

Deliver the ultimate resident experience 

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