It is clinically proven that you can improve people’s health when you can improve their ability to engage with others. Unfortunately, a lack of interaction in 55+ communities under COVID lockdowns led to isolation and resulted in worse health outcomes for residents. Improving resident engagement within 55+ communities is thus important as it can help enrich the lives of senior residents, especially in a post-pandemic era.

Fortunately, the pandemic paved the way for remote social engagement and catapulted changes in senior living. Community managers who were facing the challenge of creating a better resident experience started to look for the ultimate solution.

Bringing senior residents together and limiting loneliness with technology

While senior residents may have shied away from technology in the past, they have started to embrace the many benefits it provides. A Pew Research shows that seniors are becoming more tech-savvy and digitally connected than ever before.

Concierge Plus sets your 55+ community apart by leveraging user-friendly technology to allow residents stay socially engaged, while also creating staff and operational efficiencies. There are over 30 modules in Concierge Plus encompassing hundreds of features designed specifically to manage the operations of a 55+ community association.

Below is a short description of some of our features that can help you increase resident engagement:

  • Discussion Forums

    The reality of aging is that some seniors are despondent from the loss of a spouse or partner, which is why they choose to live in a 55+ community. Our Discussion Forum feature is a platform for dialogue that creates a sense of belonging, which is enormously impactful for seniors who may otherwise feel isolated and alone.

  • Quick Votes

    Our Quick Votes feature can boost community engagement and provide insight on important issues within your community. Your team can gather the opinion of residents on community-related topics and view immediate results on everything from landscaping to new amenities.

  • Newsletter

    To build and maintain a community you need to be as transparent as possible with your residents. Our Newsletter feature can help residents keep up with notices, upcoming events, rules and much more. Furthermore, residents can be encouraged to write content as well and a spotlight can be put on fellow residents.

  • Package & Delivery Tracking

    With our Package Delivery module, your staff can efficiently scan packages once the courier truck pulls up. Staff can notify residents about the arrival of their packages via email, automated phone call, or SMS text. Our solution can also integrate with 3rd party smart locker providers, which means that delivery personnel can store deliveries into a smart locker. Seniors with mobility issues can retrieve their packages from such lockers whenever ready, instead of having to visit the lobby during certain opening hours.

  • Key Management

    Every community has a lot of keys and so does your 55+ community. From resident and suite keys to common area keys. With Concierge Plus you can keep track of all keys, regardless of where they may be located. A simple system allows you to access a log of when each key was taken, and by whom.

  • File Sharing

    Our  File Sharing feature make managing large amounts of paper much easier and reduces clutter. Placing all documents on one online platform also ensures residents can have access to them when needed. Board minutes, forms, by-laws, photos, and even videos can be shared with permission-based access.

  • Amenity Bookings

    Many 55+ communities have fitness centers, recreation rooms, and calendars full of activities that focus on allowing residents stay healthy. As pools and gyms have re-opened, one challenge faced by many property managers is the ability to limit occupancy in a given facility. Our Amenity Bookings feature gives residents the ability to book time slots for facilities that didn’t necessarily require reservations in the past. This includes pools, gyms, other fitness areas, and BBQs.

About Concierge Plus

Our Resident Experience Management platform helps community managers deliver a superior resident experience while increasing staff efficiency and improving workflows. Our solution provides payments options, configurable workflows, and smart API integrations with 3rd party software solutions.

This platform approach has the benefit of integrating data between functional systems, resulting in reduced time to value, insights across the business, and most importantly, empowering the resident.

Let us show you how you can deliver superior resident experiences with our multilingual resident portal. Start automating manual processes and become the trusted advisor for your 55+ community association. 

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