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As community associations debate when, and how, to re-open operations safely during COVID-19, there are numerous issues being considered in the process. One important issue is how to adapt to the inevitable changes in resident demands. Residents are more health conscious now and prioritize their safety, which is why transparency and increased communication is critical for a successful re-opening.

Community associations may have to implement new protocols to ensure they meet the new permanent changes that can be laid out by their government. This shift in building operations, which may include managing a building remotely, will allow the continuation of key services from both the development and operational side of the business.

While the coronavirus is unprecedented in how widespread it is, it is not the first time most associations have faced an emergency. Floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, elevator outages, and water shutoffs are just a few kinds of urgent situations requiring critical action and adaptation.

It is during these urgent situations that residents view managers as trusted advisors and expect relevant communication. Decisions have to be made that affect the health and well being of residents, so an increase in transparency, as well as engaging in inclusive and consistent communication, is vital.

Make everyone feel safe and comfortable

The following actions can help make everyone feel safe and comfortable in a COVID-19 environment:

  • Using distancing signage

  • Encouraging one-way traffic

  • Rearranging furniture

  • Enforcing less crowding in elevators

  • Sanitizing elevator buttons and if possible, use security personnel to push elevator buttons

  • Using digital signage to push through important messages and updates

Apart from the actions mentioned above, we also highly recommend improving your communication channels.

Keep your residents informed about all relevant matters by sending out announcements digitally. Best practice is to send out an email, SMS text, and/or voice message, and displaying the announcement on your digital signage. This can be done simultaneously using our announcement feature.

You may have noticed that deliveries for online orders have increased. Physical logs are not only inefficient but could pose a safety hazard as most people would like to minimize physical contact during COVID-19. Best practice is to quickly process incoming packages, notify residents wherever they are, and collect digital signatures. Our package tracking feature can help you do that.

Manage your amenities during re-opening

As social distancing restrictions are now loosened, pools and gyms begin to open for the rest of the season.

One challenge faced by many property managers is the ability to limit occupancy. While some property managers are using pool passes to regulate how many residents use the pool, some are using a digital booking system that allows a limited number of residents to book and attend a specified time slot.

In addition to managing party rooms and clubhouses, guest suites, service elevators, and traditional amenities, our amenity booking feature gives residents the ability to book timeslots for facilities that didn’t necessarily require reservations in the past. This includes pools, gyms and other fitness areas, and BBQs. See the video below for more information on our amenity booking feature.


There are many routine maintenance activities that must be taken care of regardless of the current pandemic. Garbage must be removed, landscaping tended to, and clogged sinks need attention. All the routine jobs that keep your property in good shape can continue to be done with certain precautions.

Use our calendar schedule feature and let residents know when someone will be cutting the grass or cleaning public areas of the building. This way contact can be avoided between staff and residents. And if someone is moving into the building, it’s important to communicate very clearly during this time.

Watch our webinar in which we talk about how to manage amenities during COVID-19. The webinar had over 100 attendees and we answer several question that may be relevant for you as well. 

How To Manage Your Amenities During Covid-19

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