Condo management software and security

Condo buildings and associations were initially turning to community-based websites to stay on trend, keep residents socially engaged, and organize association minutes and documents. But there’s a much more practical reason for bringing a web-based property management solution into condos and residences: security.

When it comes to security, safety is of course paramount. But these days, security firms are now taking on numerous other responsibilities when it comes to condo management. They include operating the in-house guards, the daily shift log (whether it’s online or a log book), tracking visitor parking and entry instructions to the building—sometimes parcel delivery and pick-up as well—and of course reporting on a daily or weekly basis.

Differentiate your security from the herd

In this day and age of heightened accountability, longer hours at work, and let’s face it, a competitive market, why not differentiate your security offerings from the herd?

We already know that safety is a significant contributing factor to moving into a condo for so many people, why not feature it front and center when attracting new residents?  Taking the security management of a small condo, multi-complex residential community, or even a mixed-use building online can replace that clunky log book or outdated in-house computer program, help improve staff productivity, and boost accountability measures (which management will love).

How Regal Security captures more clients with Concierge Plus

Regal Security provides premier facility security in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Working
with property, facility, and operations managers, they provide various security services, including
concierge, foot patrol, and gatehouse security. Their services help keep both residents and
workers safe. 


Regal Security has used Concierge Plus since 2014, but they find the technology even more essential to their business now. COVID-19 changed the security business, making their teams’ roles busier than ever: there is an increased need for paperwork and reports, and the demand for security services continue to grow.

We spoke with Joel Dekter, the Senior Business Development Manager for Regal Security, about
how they use technology to set themselves apart from the competition. Learn how Concierge
Plus helped them offer better services, gain efficiency, and provide more thorough security. 

Visitor & Parking Management for Community Associations

We recently held a webinar about how Community Association can increase the efficiency of parking enforcement and guest permits with real time and digital solutions. Watch our webinar now and learn how to better manage lobby traffic and enhance building security with controlled access. 

Parking and Visitor Management Webinar


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