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When it comes to managing condos and HOA’s, the holidays can mean headache. Inevitably, a countless amount of packages, both incoming and outgoing, are about to pass through your condo lobby. Don’t be overwhelmed!

Here are our top tips for holiday season parcel management success:

Use an efficient parcel management system

2019 will be shorter than previous years and that means more parcels per day to deal with in your lobby. If you don’t have an efficient parcel management system, you will end up with front desk congestion and angry residents.

Our easy-to-use automated package tracking solution can instantly transform your manual process into an efficient, digital system. When a courier truck pulls up, your concierge or security guard just needs to pull out our barcode scanner to quickly and efficiently scan every parcel in. Once each parcel has been scanned, they push one button to quickly email, call, or text residents to let them know that their parcel has arrived. As residents pick up their parcel, they sign on a digital signature pad to permanently and securely confirm their identity.



Designate a storage room or office for excess packages

Ensure your residents have updated their contact information for automated email notifications, and consider offering in-home delivery for those who will be away during the holidays.

Our package tracking solution can also manage parcels left for pick up and can print a tag to apply to each parcel so it can be easily found in your storage room.


Communicate clearly

Make sure to communicate to your residents whether your management office have extended holiday hours or is closed during the holiday season. You should also outline your building’s rules for parcel pick up procedures and policies related to visiting  guests. Your residents should have all this information available to them in the easiest way possible.

We offer display screens for your lobby, elevator or mail room so that you can broadcast information on parcel deliveries and other important announcements. Our property management solution automatically pushes all information from your community website to the display screen and residents can select to be notified by SMS, email or by automated phone call.


The holidays are a time when many peoples’ regular routines are greatly altered, so consider sending out a newsletter asking residents to inform front desk of any special instructions or requests for the holidays. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness!

Last but not least, don’t forget about that big family who receives ample gifts while they are on vacation for two weeks! Add a personal touch by reaching out to residents with small children, extended holiday plans, or other unique needs over the coming month. All residents will appreciate those little extras that you do to make your condo community feel like home.

With some deep breaths and ahead-of-time planning, the holidays can be an enjoyable experience for everyone! 

Does your residential community have an efficient package delivery system? Watch our webinar titled Deliveries & Parcel Management and learn how to manage the unrelenting tidal wave of parcel deliveries. 

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