Do you know what you need from your next property management solution, or have you left some essential capabilities off your list? Here are 6 often overlooked capabilities to consider.

    1. Data Migration:
      An effective Resident Experience Management platform should support a broad range of data migration formats. Furthermore, it should make the data migration process as simple and straightforward as possible.
      We offer multiple ways to populate owner/resident data within Concierge Plus, including synchronizing with your existing accounting software; importing your information from spreadsheets or other files; or by having users sign-up to the resident portal themselves.

    2. Brand Integration:
      Every piece of the puzzle must reflect your brand image to create cohesion. Thus, you need to look for a solution that allows you to strengthen your brand.
      We offer property management companies the ability to launch their own branded iOS and Android resident experience portal apps. This gives management companies unique marketing opportunities when pursuing or retaining business by letting them demonstrate to customers that modern technology is a focus within the services they offer.

    3. Multilingual Interface:
      A multilingual solution builds trust and strengthens your brand. By allowing residents to communicate in their own language, you not only increase the resident engagement, but you also deliver a superior resident experience.
      Our Resident Experience Management platform is multilingual and additional languages can be added to your community website very quickly.

    4. 3rd Party Integration:
      Nowadays, systems integration is one of the key catalysts for business growth, including yours. Modern community associations are using smart lockers, digital signage, parking printers among many other technologies. It is important that your solution can integrate with all these new technologies.
      Our Resident Experience Management platform can integrate with other digital solutions via an API integration. We already integrate with several accounting platforms, smart locker vendors and digital signage providers.

    5. Support Services:
      Does the vendor offer free phone support? Are you able to reach them via email when you encounter an issue? Or are their support services limited to an online FAQ?
      We offer free technical support to all of our customers by phone and email. We are happy to help any way we can. We can also provide training options for Property Managers, Concierges, Board Members, and Residents.

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    6. Intuitive User Interface:
      All these features may be rendered useless if you don’t know how to use the Resident Experience Management platform. The platform should have an intuitive user interface that’s easy to use, especially for senior residents. They should be able to book amenities, request service maintenance and use a discussion forum without hurdles. These are some of the key  Resident Experience Management features to consider when you’re testing out the tool during a free trial or demo.
      Customer Testimonial Joy Gilbert

These capabilities are just a few to keep on your radar. You’ll probably have to extend the list to include your management company’s or community’s must-haves. The key is to choose a platform that will help increase resident engagement and help you provide a superior resident experience.

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