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Whether it’s a power outage, storm, or an incident specifically relating to your building, all Property Managers want to keep their residents updated and in the loop.

How do you update residents?

When time is of the essence, communication has to be fast and accurate. Always use SMS text, email, or large, updateable TV screens that display information as it becomes available. This requires both online capabilities and hardware integration. And Concierge Plus can help with that. Here’s how:

  1. Notify Individual Residents – Our handy Notifications tool is not only for package deliveries. It’s perfect for urgent and timely notifications via SMS Text or email.

  2. Or, Let Everyone Know – With the Concierge Plus Announcements solution, you can create, edit, and distribute announcements easily and effectively by email, text message (SMS) or automated phone call.

  3. Hardware Integration / Digital Display Screens – Need an easy way to broadcast information to your residents? We offer 40” digital display screens for your lobby or mail room for you to broadcast updates on package deliveries, current weather, and other important information. Concierge Plus automatically pushes all information from your resident portal to the display screen. You can even broadcast urgent messages in the event of a power outage or flood.


  4. Report it – Concierge Plus is revolutionizing the way Property Managers, Security and Concierge staff create incident reports with the only completely customizable solution in the industry. Learn more about our secure database, digital signature process, and instant email delivery system here.

Watch our webinar titled What is Your Disaster Preparedness Level? How to Handle Emergencies and learn the following:

  • How to alert residents with our Urgent Announcements, sending email, text (SMS), or automated phone call.

  • How to prioritize post-disaster service requests from residents with our Service Request feature. 

  • Ensuring that important documents are secured digitally with our Media Library feature. 

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