The pandemic has been a roller coaster ride for most HOAs and condominium associations. The constant change in rules in the beginning was a big challenge, especially since on-site staff struggled to overcome residents’ concerns regarding social distancing.

Provide an online store experience with our Online Store module

Social distancing also exacerbated many of the frictions already associated with paper check and cash payments in community associations, leading managers searching for alternative ways to make payments. After observing the industry closely and speaking with clients, we have created an Online Store module.

This module allows you to sell any product or service, including tracking inventory, to your residents. We have simplified the management of everything from air filters and FOBs to pool passes by giving residents a simple, cashless experience.

Funds are deposited directly into your bank account by one of our processors, and there are no additional transaction fees from us. A Stripe account is required for you to charge residents fees online. You can set up a free Stripe account at 


As with many other modules within Concierge Plus, Online Store also has a customizable reporting tool. All you need to do is specify the date range, add filter selections, or simply leave all fields selected and then generate your report. Once you have generated the report you can print it, download a CSV copy, or even save a digital copy of that report for your future review and analysis.

Allow easy payments with our ACH/Card Payments module

Unfortunately, many community associations and multi-family rental properties are still manually handling payments of maintenance- and rental fees. This is very time consuming and prone to error.  We've built a fully automated and integrated ACH/Card Payments module that synchronizes with your existing acccounting system. 

Residents can now view their account and pay charges from their bank account or credit/debit card, anytime and from any device. 

Payments are updated on their ledger immediately, so there’s never any confusion about the current balance or when a payment has been processed. Furthermore, residents are able to make one-time or set up recurring payments on their account. This flexibility drives higher recurring payment adoption within your community which means you don’t have to worry about collecting fees each month.


Streamline your payment operations and get rid of delinquencies

Book a meeting with us now and let us show you how our integrated payment module will help get everyone paying on time.  

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