Smart technology and new-age amenities are all changing how residents experience condo living. But how can property management companies and board members raise the bar to keep pace with the ever-evolving nature of the industry?

Condo demand has continued to soar as Millennials search for a place to call home, with many turning to the condominium market. And as demand rises and competition continues to evolve, property managers and board members must go above and beyond to develop strong and connected communities.

Channeling differentiation means providing services in a proactive manner. Property managers throughout North America are trying to develop a deeper relationship with homeowners, become more transparent – and most importantly – create a more engaged community. To accomplish this, the focus is on the resident experience and implementing technology that allow residents to stay well connected.

One primary way to build a well engaged community is through Concierge Plus’ fully mobile and responsive resident portal. Concierge Plus can increase communication throughout a community and bring a greater sense of transparency. It is designed to offer communities the ability to create, edit, and distribute announcements easily and effectively by email, text messages (SMS) and automated phone calls. Its Discussion Forums feature allow residents to discuss important topics and promote general community events. Furthermore, its Quick Votes feature can gather the opinion of residents on community-related topics. Last but not least, Classified Ads allow residents to post and share items or services for trade or sale.

Counterparts improving resident engagement with Concierge Plus

Steve Hydeen is the Director of Concierge Services at Counterparts and knows how the right solution can mean the difference between an effective and efficient property management team, and one continually trying to keep up.

Counterparts manages five communities through Concierge Plus, totaling around 800 units. They use Concierge Plus to streamline their desk services, resident communications, and internal systems for better community support.

Counterparts logo

Their concierge desk has improved both communication and efficiency on the frontlines with the platform. Community engagement has also improved since implementing Concierge Plus. “It allows us to engage with residents, to provide newsletters, and reach out to everyone or specific individuals very quickly and easily,” says Steve.

Because they have had such success with the platform, Counterparts plans to expand their use of Concierge Plus to manage their day to day responsibilities and properties. They look forward to further saving time and effort for property management, residents, and HOA board members by increasing their use of Concierge Plus.

As property managers and board members across North America take the next step in developing engaged communities, these questions remain paramount:

  • What are you doing to set yourself apart?

  • Why do people choose to call your building their home?

By remaining in tune with resident desires and needs, both property managers and board members can build true communities where residents can connect, thrive and prosper. Steve Hydeen and Counterparts are an excellent example of that.

Counterparts Customer Success Story

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