Why Not “Freemium”?

Many property managers today are looking for property management software to deliver better resident experiences, and are contacted by vendors that offer free software.

Concierge Plus has chosen not to follow this strategy, and we’d like to share with you why.

Freemium is a pricing strategy by which a limited version of a product or service is provided free of charge, but money (premium) is charged for enhanced features or otherwise blocked functionality. Thus free property management software, unfortunately, comes with a lot of serious caveats that will make you think twice before you try it out.

Limited features and functionality

Property Management software that is free of cost, doesn’t have all of the features and functionalities that will benefit your community, and most importantly your team. Usually, features such as amenity bookings, service requests, visitor parking management and entry instructions are not available in free property management software.

No updates

Software updates are critical as they can minimize security breaches and prevent unauthorized users from accessing your important documents. Furthermore, frequent software updates allow programs such as Windows and macOS (that are frequently updated) to access it.

Vendors offering free software usually don’t update it as they aren’t receiving any revenue.

Bad customer service

Let us make this clear for you:  you won’t be a top priority for customer support.

Companies prioritize their most valuable accounts….the ones that pay for services. You should expect to figure everything out for yourself and consider yourself lucky if customer service replies back to your email.

No integration with other systems

We haven’t come across any free property management software that integrates with other systems. In order for a property manager software to integrate with other systems, product updates are necessary, which we know usually don’t happen with free software.

Ideally, property manager software needs to integrate with tools that can enhance the resident experience. Wouldn’t it be nice to integrate with hardware such as barcode scanners, digital signature pads and digital display screens for package tracking that can help speed up your processes and free up your time?

Ads and privacy

Free software makes money by displaying ads to their platform which usually disturbs the user experience. Furthermore, free software vendors may sell their users data to third parties.

We believe in affordable options

Concierge Plus chooses to work with customers to identify their community’s ongoing needs and package solutions at reasonable price points that address those needs while allowing the spirit of continuous innovation, a fantastic customer experience, and a commitment to our mission of best-in-class online property management tools to flourish.

You can now try our property management solution for free. Try it for up to 30 days with no commitments, which means that you can cancel anytime. You can also have one of our product experts give a live online demo at a time that’s convenient to you.

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