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Traditional property management companies still use costly, outdated and inefficient processes to complete their work. Property managers are forced to manually go through a pile of documents, a process that is not only time consuming, but also allows for mismanagement and errors. This reactive work style frustrates modern residents and has a negative impact on the resident experience.

Reactive property managers are always stressed-out as there are a lot of forces pulling them in different directions.  Not only do they have to deal with frustrated residents and demanding board members, but they also must handle maintenance issues, budget planning, staffing and third-party contractors.

The changing nature of property management

Modern property management companies on the other hand, have reflected on the long-term positive impact technology will have on their business and have identified the different ways in which technology is influencing the industry. They have realized that technology benefits them and have adapted to change by embracing automation. They research various platforms and applications that can solve property management conundrums and have taken a proactive approach to property management.

Modern property managers focus on delivering great resident experiences and are integrating technology solutions to their property management strategies. They realize that traditional property management isn’t good enough for the management company to succeed in today’s technology-driven world.

By using online property management platforms to streamline and automate processes, proactive managers can prioritize tasks and manage their time more effectively.

Tech-savvy residents

Today’s tech-savvy residents are aware of technological benefits and expect property managers to use online solutions to stay in touch. Residents are tired of calling the management office and filling out paper forms that needs to be delivered in person. They want easy access to book amenities in their community, submit and track their service requests, request visitor parking passes and most importantly, be able to communicate with managers in real-time.

Residents appreciate that property managers are taking care of their building, however, they want managers to focus on them as well. This is only possible by leveraging existing technology to deliver great resident experiences; if managers don’t do that, they will be left in the digital dust.

Concierge Plus

Concierge Plus is a secure online property management platform that’s designed to make life easier for property managers, security firms, front desk staff and residents.

Our web-based solution is fully scalable and customized to meet the needs of any sized community. It also saves time and money while delivering better customer service to residents and board members, leading to a better resident experience.

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