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Have you heard about the digital Incident Reporting feature that is revolutionizing the concierge & security industry? Concierge Plus is changing the way Security and Concierge staff create incident reports.

Previously, incident reporting involved the coming together of a lot of manual parts. Concierge Plus has changed all that and removed the risk of disorganized paper and lost notes with a new way to report incidents.

Property Managers now have incident reports fully integrated into their community records. Both previously-filed and open incident reports can easily be located by resident, unit number, amenity, or other criteria. Property Managers and key contacts receive instant delivery of all new reports, anytime, from anywhere. Images and other file attachments can also be included with each report.

Concierge Plus offers the only digital Incident Reporting platform that’s fully customizable for whatever information is collected. Property Managers or Administrators indicate the fields and information they’d like their security teams to collect.

The Concierge Plus Incident Reporting feature brings comprehensive reporting into communities with straightforward digital forms for staff, management, or security personnel to fill out in just a few clicks. This will save not only time and money but headache as well.

We recently held a webinar about how Community Association can increase the efficiency of parking enforcement and guest permits with real time and digital solutions. 

Watch our webinar now and learn how to better manage lobby traffic and enhance building security with controlled access. 

Parking and Visitor Management Webinar

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