To become a successful property manager, one must possess many skills. However, the ability to keep condo residents happy and provide a great resident experience is what makes one a very successful property manager. As experienced managers know, failure to do this can lead to more complaints from the community and a strained relationship with the board. It is therefore necessary for all property managers to understand what condo residents want. In this industry where the competition is very high, getting this wrong simply isn’t an option.

Don’t fall victim to manual processes

In the past three decades, North America has seen staggering technological changes that have had an impact on every major industry including residential property management. Consumers have developed new ways of interacting with businesses and condo residents are no exception. Residents no longer want ineffective and inadequate communication and expect to use technology to improve communication between themselves and the property manager. Managers therefore need to be prepared from the start to play proactive roles in their communities and focus on delivering great resident experiences.

Thinking like a condo resident is the only way to discover the formula for success. Condo residents want to know that the property manager can quickly respond to any issues they’re facing. As they are accustomed to instant communication, responding to service requests via physical mail and phone calls simply won’t do. This is one area where property managers cannot afford to fall victim to manual processes that are prevalent in property management today.

Transparency is a must

Technology can help, and a growing number of property managers are delivering great resident experiences using technology such as resident portals. These portals are designed to streamline processes, allow managers to collaborate in real-time and manage administrative tasks online. They can be accessed online, and residents can receive text messages (SMS), automated phone calls and automated emails, resulting in a more efficient, transparent, and engaged community.

Transparency counts for a lot in the mind of community members, particularly board members, who want assurance of productivity from the property manager. Resident portals allow property mangers to respond, monitor, and communicate the status of any job, providing community members with the transparency that they need.


Condo residents have changed the landscape of property management, but majority of those changes are related to the speed and method of communication influenced by the technology available today. With the growing demand from residents for transparency and technology usage, property managers need to re-evaluate their processes and communication methods to really satisfy their communities.

Maintaining regular communication to update residents on developments within the community will no doubt add an extra sense of value and satisfaction levels will soar when property managers proactively serve their communities.

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