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Property managers are looking for new ways to connect with residents of condominiums to deliver superior living experiences and are investing in digital technology to achieve that goal. One of these technologies that have begun modernizing the next generation of condominiums is the introduction of Resident Portals – which are software platforms with features designed to streamline and simplify communication for property managers and residents by offering real-time building announcements and delivering engaging experiences when integrated with digital signage in the property.

Traditionally, digital signage has been used by advertisers in Out-of-Home environments to entice audiences or used by exhibitors at events to create unique branding experiences. However, communities have begun to embrace digital signage to deliver contextual information such as building announcements, community messages, board meeting schedules, and other pertinent updates alongside advertising to keep residents informed.

Research conducted by PATTISON Outdoor, the leader in Digital Out-of-Home media in Canada and a leading provider of digital products in residential properties, found that 83% of condo residents living without a digital screen in their building believe it would be an effective way to receive information such as news, traffic, weather conditions and building announcements during dwell times that are common with living in a high-rise building. 71% of residents with a digital screen in their building were found to have taken secondary actions (searched online, spoken to others, etc.) after seeing advertised content displayed on a digital screen in their building. In conclusion, of those surveyed, it was found that 97% of residents with a digital screen in their apartment or condominium believe the content shown on the screens is informative, relevant and comes from a trusted source to help them stay up to date.

So, what steps should residential communities take to begin creating these engaging experiences through the use of digital signage? It is important to understand that digital signage doesn’t just refer to the screen itself but consists of several components that deliver superior experiences for residents:

  • Digital Displays – To create engaging experiences, it is important to strategically place the large, high-resolution screens in the heavy-traffic areas of condominiums such as the lobby, and within elevators to maximize the effectiveness of audience engagement during dwell times such as waiting for an elevator or spending time in common areas.

  • Content Management Systems (CMS) – A Content Management System is an online platform for managing and scheduling messages to be displayed on the digital screens. Through the flexibility and customization of digital, property managers can sign in and access the program to add, edit, and publish content in real-time to be displayed across the digital screens in their building.

  • Emergency Override System (EOS) – Offering the peace of mind and immediacy to alert residents during an emergency. An emergency override feature is an added tool that can be used to communicate alerts and direct residents to safety quickly and efficiently.

  • Resident Portals – The content management system needs to be integrated with a resident portal to show important building announcements and specific information as it relates to the residents of the building. This could include unit-specific messages, parcel notifications, and other communications that keep residents abreast of what is happening in their building.

  • Content – Once you have the digital displays connected to your Content Management System and Resident Portal, you need to establish which content to display. With advertisements that cater to local businesses and building announcements that are relevant to the residents, digital signage becomes a versatile communication tool that provides relevant information and breaks the mold of traditional mass media.


Delivering content with contextual relevance is the highest form of currency when it comes to reaching audiences on the medium of digital media; it makes messages more impactful. Offering a digital screen within a residential property gives a modern upgrade to make residents feel more connected with their building while receiving an additional amenity for information and convenience.

Reprinted with permission by the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario. (c) 2019


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