Most property managers are still using printed notices to keep residents informed in residential buildings. However, post-it notes and printed paper notices are costly and inconvenient, particularly when you have to print new ones every time there are announcements or notices.

It has become essential for property managers to deliver engaging experiences for residents. Subsequently, digital signage has emerged as one of the best technologies to engage and inform communities. In addition to adding a sophisticated and modern look to your building, digital signs will educate and entertain your residents and simplify property management.

You can also integrate digital signage with resident portals to broadcast unit-specific announcements and other information relevant to your residents. This technology can be integrated into an omnichannel strategy to send texts and email alerts in emergencies.

Digital Signage ScreenCommunication and Resident Experiences

Traditionally, property managers used paper notices to communicate with their residents. However, these are gradually becoming outdated as people become used to instant messaging platforms. You need superior communication channels to keep your residents informed at all times.

Digital signage has numerous benefits and will facilitate internal and external communication while modernizing your building. You can place digital displays in strategic places like the lobby, mail room, and in elevators and common areas to maximize engagement. Digital signage solutions are effective because they provide vital communication to residents. Additionally, digital signs are attractive and educational.

Property managers often have their hands full with management tasks. If you want to save the time you spent printing and updating signs, digital signage is the perfect solution. Updating content on digital displays is only a few clicks away. Saving time is especially important during emergencies like floods, elevator outages, or inclement weather. In such cases, you can quickly send emergency alerts and notify residents of important information.

Property Management Using Digital Signage

You can update the content on your building’s digital screens from anywhere, and you no longer have to be on the premises to print and remove printed notices. The simplicity of digital signage has made it popular among property managers since you can access the software from any device or browser.

If you are a property manager, your residents regard you as a trusted advisor. It is your job to inform your residents at all times so that they feel engaged and safe. For example, digital signage can help you display exit strategies, emergency protocols, and other preventative information. By posting critical information on digital signage, you will give your announcements the attention they deserve.

Cost Savings

One of the most common questions regarding digital signage is: how does it save money? First, by the reduction of materials. Content needs to be continuously updated, meaning there is always an expense with regard to static communication.  With digital signage, you can save money that would have been spent on printing supplies (paper, toner, etc.) and the waste collection from those materials. Plus, if there is a misprint or spelling error, it can be easily updated with digital signage.

Updating digital signage is easy and fast, which means your employees will be able to spend more time on other important tasks, further saving you money as employees’ time is more productively spent.

Displaying Fresh Digital Content

Digital signage is incredibly flexible as it can be refreshed as new information becomes available. As a result, you can change the content according to the day of the week or season. Some examples of residential content to display include:

Notices and Announcements

You can use digital signage to display real-time building announcements to your residents. For example, you can show construction notices or let your residents know when the pool will be undergoing maintenance.

One of the advantages of residential signage is that you can have different content playing at each of your building’s displays. For example, a lobby sign could welcome visitors, while displaying weather and package updates.


Digital signage allows for instant broadcast, which means that you can display safety alerts in real-time. You can show displays with clear directions during emergencies to promote safety. Additionally, you will get your residents to take the required actions quickly, such as gathering at an assembly point. 

You can prepare emergency information beforehand then display it quickly through the portal. For example, you can prepare emergency messages beforehand such as a storm warning or flood and display it at a moment’s notice. Since most digital signage solutions are cloud-based, you only need the internet to deploy emergency alerts from anywhere. 

You can also display social distancing, sanitization, and face-covering protocols to keep your residents safe during the covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, you can keep your residents informed by showcasing Covid-19 related news at various digital signs across your facility.

Creating a Content Strategy

Creating a content strategy is an integral part of any digital signage project. Sometimes, property managers are excited to use digital signage, but they end up with uninteresting messages. A solid content strategy will help you customize your content to the needs of your residents. Moreover, you will determine the locations for your screens and the timing of different messages. For example, your content strategy can include:

What Does Your Audience Need?

The goal is to create content that serves your residents’ most basic needs. Do they need content that informs or educates them? You should also identify the people who will be responsible for updating residential content.

Where Will Your Displays Be Located?

The wrong location can break your project, as your message will not reach your intended audience. For buildings, it is essential to position digital signage in high-traffic areas like entrances, elevators, and mailrooms. You can have displays in different locations showing unique content.

Property Technology in a Post-Pandemic Era

It’s an interesting time for Community Association Managers. Communicating with residents is not business as usual, and you have the opportunity to be an agent of change. Learn how to operate your community remotely and virtually, all while maintaining resident safety. Watch our webinar titled Delivering Superior Resident Experience with Digital Signage.

Delivering Superior Resident Experiences with Digital Signage

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