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Does your residential community have an efficient package delivery system? Automated Package Tracking is a simple and effective way to streamline the process of receiving and organizing packages. For Property Managers, it translates into saving time, staying organized and ahead of the curve, and alleviating front-desk congestion.

Some condos build their own online system and some use software. The trouble with the latter, however, is that you can’t check it from an off-site location. With a dedicated online solution, checking in for package updates becomes easy and convenient. That’s the first thing Property Managers should look for when automating their parcel delivery processes.

The second quality of a great automated package tracking system should be its ease of use. Front desk staff should be able to easily search for packages based on delivery date, recipient, or other details. If packages are not picked up, the system should send a reminder email to the resident.

Safety should come into play as well. Installed programs, without customer support, can be unpredictable and are not tailored to suite your condo’s needs. Use a Community Association website that was created for your residents only (you’ll be surprised at how cost-effective it actually is). The best results are the ones that work for both Property Managers and residents; keeping the community running smoothly is good for everyone. And finally, ensure that you have a digital signature pad to capture signatures electronically. This will keep resident info recorded, searchable, and on record for future use.

Watch our webinar about parcel management in a COVID-19 environment and learn how to manage the unrelenting tidal wave of parcel deliveries. 


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