Technology is changing every industry, including property management. Yet, our industry has been slow to adopt technology and isn’t taking advantage of online platforms and automation.

Record keeping

Condos across the U.S. still have cabinets full of disorganized records, kept in binders that contain governing documents along with resident- and visitor information.

Because of the potential frequent turnover of managers and board members, record retention becomes important, however, it is important for condos to understand what records to keep, how they should be kept and for how long.

Educational Community for Homeowners (ECHO), recommend separating the records by the following five categories:

  1. Legal records

  2. Financial Records

  3. Maintenance/Facilities Records

  4. Correspondence

  5. Other

They also recommend that within each category, records should be grouped into:

  • Permanent records

  • Retain for four years

  • Retain till superseded

  • Retain one year

Advantages of using our online property management solution

Here are 5 benefits of using Concierge Plus’ online property management solution for record keeping:

  1. Storage space: Digitizing your paper-based records allows for more physical space to be freed up. Your property manager’s office will no longer have cabinets or shelves full of binders.

  2. Lower costs: Switching to a paper-less solution eliminates the need for your condo to purchase paper or spend money on printing.

  3. Better customer service: Giving authorized users digital access to documents allows your property manager to spend time on tasks that need attention and focus on improving the resident experience. Furthermore, your important records are kept safe in the cloud.

  4. 24/7 access: With our online property management platform, you can access your records from any mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer anywhere at any time. Having remote access to your records is extremely convenient as you and your owners are no longer restricted to office timings.

  5. Environmentally friendly: Storing your records online helps you go paperless, which means that you no longer need to recycle, shred or dispose your documents in a way that can have a negative impact on the environment.

Storing your important records online benefits your property managers and most importantly your residents. Our online property management platform is the best solution for improving the resident experience and does not require a huge investment. Furthermore, our solution comes with an agile set of features designed to save you time, money and effort.

Getting started is fast and easy. In less than a week, you’ll be handling maintenance requests, amenity bookings, visitor parking, package tracking, resident announcements, and resident information on a secure website, accessible to you at anytime from anywhere.

Florida Condo Website Law

Did you know that a law has been passed that requires condo associations in Florida with 150 or more units to have a website that complies with specific requirements?

The law is clear - maintaining a generic, public website  where you upload documents is not sufficient. The law specifically requires that the official records which are being uploaded be accessible through a password protected area of the website. 

Learn how our Resident Experience Management platform can help your Community Association comply with the law. 

Florida Condo Website Law

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