With the sudden emergence and rapid spread of Covid-19, also known as coronavirus, worried condo residents are asking property managers and board members whether there is a plan to minimize the spread of coronavirus in their communities. It is to be expected that residents want to be kept updated and in the loop in such situations, and thanks to technology, property managers are better equipped to handle health announcements that can help minimize the spread of diseases in their communities, such as the coronavirus.

An engaged community is a well-informed community

As mentioned in one of our previous articles, residents see property mangers as trusted advisors and expect to receive relevant information that can help them make right decisions. Property managers can increase transparency by engaging with their communities through effective, inclusive and consistent communication.

Always use multiple channels when sending out important announcements in order to ensure that residents receive the information. With our Resident Announcements solution, you can create, edit, and distribute announcements easily and effectively by email, text message (SMS) or automated phone call. You should also consider broadcasting announcements via display screens strategically placed in the lobby, and within elevators to maximize the effectiveness of audience engagement.

We recommend creating a forum for discussion and knowledge sharing as this not only increases engagement, it can prevent panic among residents that may impact the resident experience negatively.

Avoid mass gatherings and instead gather the opinion of residents online with our Quick Votes feature and run your owners’ meetings and governance notices remotely. For your AGMs, send out electronic consent forms that can be submitted online with GetQuorum’s platform.

What information to send out to residents

We recommend property managers to find the most up-to-date information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as resources on how to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

The board along with managers should take the appropriate measures to ensure a hygienic environment, including regular cleaning and thorough disinfecting of lobbies, elevators and amenities. Printing Covid-19 awareness posters and hanging them on the lobby wall and refilling of hand sanitizer dispensers is also highly recommended.

With a proactive mindset, you can plan and make decisions together with the board, that will protect your community. We recommend that you send the following information to residents:

  • Everyday preventive actions such as avoiding close contact, washing hands as often as possible etc.

  • COVID-19 fact sheet

  • Create a list of local organizations your residents can contact in case they need access to healthcare services and resources

  • If it is known that a resident is infected with the virus, your team may decide not to be physically present at the building. Tell residents to use the resident experience management platform for communication and about your availability

We hope the current situation moves on quickly without more impact to public health; but if it sticks around for a while, use technology to keep managing your community. Contact us now for more information on how our property management platform can help you minimize the spread of coronavirus in your community.

Resident Communication, Virtual Meetings and Electronic Voting in a post-pandemic environment

We hosted a webinar together with our friends at GetQuorum and Katzman Chandler to talk about how to communicate with your residents in an age that requires social distancing, and the benefits of hosting virtual owner meetings. Watch the recording now!

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