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Many property managers are still printing out one-page announcements or using post-it notes to communicate with residents. This is a very time-consuming task as printing several hundred papers and slipping them under each resident’s door can take a lot of hours.

Our user-friendly announcement feature allows you to go green, eliminate waste, and save money. You’ll be able to create, edit, and send important information to members of the community easily and effectively by email, text message (SMS) and automated phone call.


Each announcement consists of a headline and body copy area, as well as a from line, date, and audience. Announcement audience selection is permission-based, so you can set which groups should be eligible to view a specific announcement you’re entering. For example, information about an upcoming water shutdown may be applicable only to residents in the ‘02’ line.

Once you’ve published an announcement, you can click on the print icon to generate a printable version that you can post in your community’s common areas (if applicable), such as elevators, mail rooms, or for delivery to users that may not be actively using the web site. You can also via integration with digital signage publish the announcement on digital displays making residents feel more connected with their building.

Each announcement you send will provide you with a delivery tracking report detailing those units and users that did not and didn’t receive it. The report can be sorted by unit or resident name and includes both email and SMS method.

Learn how to operate your community remotely and virtually, all while maintaining resident safety. Watch our webinar titled Delivering Superior Resident Experience with Digital Signage

Delivering Superior Resident Experiences with Digital Signage

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