We work with a lot of security firms and they are always amazed at how online community management helps make their lives easier. So many products out there are only geared towards residents, board & association members, or front-of-house personnel, but consider how a Resident Experience Management tool (that’s also designed to support security initiatives) could ameliorate condo security overall…

Incident Reporting and Daily Shift Log / Notes

Having an online Daily Overview (that’s simple, straightforward, and easy to access) gives a clear snapshot of what’s going on—and what went on—in a residential community. Imagine the time saved when it comes to shift changes! Store a digital version of an incident report that cannot be lost, modified, or deleted.

Parking Management

We all know that security personnel spend so much time on this one! Managing who is coming in and out and where they are parking and if they have permission to enter the building—it never ends! By taking this process online, security can manage visitor parking, track vehicle details, and quickly print a visitor parking pass.

Parcel Delivery

Does the residential community you provide security for have an efficient package delivery system? Concierge Plus automates the entire process with email notifications, an easy-to-use barcode scanner, and a digital signature pad. Save time and alleviate front-desk congestion with this simple tool.

Amenity Bookings

With everyone pulling double duty these days, so many security personnel are responsible for dealing with amenity bookings (particularly at off-peak hours). Give everyone a break from this tedious administrative task and let residents book online from the comfort of their own home.


Another crucial part of the security team’s role is managing visitors. Whether it’s a caretaker, dog walker, friend, or family member, security staff are more than likely the first point of contact and they must be diligent. But what happens when a visitor arrives and the resident doesn’t answer their phone or there is confusion about what level of access can be given to service provider? What a headache!

With our Permission-to-Enter solution, residents provide specific instructions via an easy-to-use form. Security teams can then reference these instructions from the front desk. This let’s everyone breathe easy, knowing that resident safety is protected.

Watch our webinar titled Visitor & Parking Management for Community Associations and learn how you can increase the efficiency of parking enforcement and guest permits with real time and digital solutions.

Parking and Visitor Management Webinar


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