Many governments and jurisdictions have put forward rules around individuals being fully vaccinated to access certain public spaces, including fitness facilities. These rules may also include a requirement to provide proof of vaccination status.

Many community associations can roll out their own policy as an optional response to creating healthier homes for their occupants. It’s a move that shows a community association is acting reasonably safe to keep residents safe and hinder liability exposure.

Concierge Plus has put together a set of suggestions to help you manage resident access to amenities and people visiting your community. We realize that this is an evolving situation and that your operational needs and local government's rules may be different than others. Because of this, we have thought of several scenarios to help you through this change. Feel free to pick what suits your community best from these suggestions or implement a different workflow if you believe it will suit you better. As always, we encourage you to consult your local government officials for the most accurate information on what may be required of your community by law.

Tracking resident vaccine passports and their expiration

If you live in a region where vaccine passports have been rolled out, and you wish to keep track of your residents’ vaccine passport status and expiration date, you can do so by creating a custom field in Concierge Plus’ User Manual.

Set the Field Type to Date and label it something COVID Vaccine Passport Expiry. This will allow you to keep track of the date that a given resident’s vaccination is valid through. See screenshot below:

Custom Field COVID Label

Alternatively, if you don’t want to keep track of the expiration, just whether a resident has provided proof of vaccination, you can create a Yes / No Custom Field and add COVID Vaccinated Resident instead.

Custom Field Vaccine

Staff members can now check the vaccine status of a resident via the Unit Profile.

Unit profile

Tracking amenity use access by residents with vaccine passport

If you wish to restrict the use of one or more amenities to residents who have a valid vaccine passport only, you can follow the following suggestions:

  • Option A - The Honor System

    If you want o be as hands-off as possible, but still need to ask whether residents have been vaccinated before they can make use of common amenities, you can set a terms and conditions custom field for each of your amenities, that residents must agree to before they can finalize their booking.
    In the screenshot below, you can see we’ve labeled the field Covid-19 Vaccine Passport Declaration.

    COVID Vaccine Declaration

    Residents would have to agree to the terms and conditions before booking the amenity.

    We strongly suggest that you refer to your legal council to ensure you have the right wording in place for your community.

  • Option B - Point of Entry Verification

    If you plan to allow residents with a vaccine passport to make use of amenities, you can create a Yes/No custom field for your amenities, and name the custom field: Valid Vaccine Passport Presented Upon Entry?

    Review Booking
  • Option C - Reviewing Bookings

    If your community already requires that the amenity is approved by a member of management, you can add a manual verification that the resident has shown you a valid proof of COVID vaccination. You can set up a custom field label Vaccine Passport Verified or similar.
    This field should be set so that only a property manager or admin can see it and interact with it. Then as you view a booking before approving it, you can check whether the resident has been verified as having a valid vaccine passport or not and decline or approve the booking accordingly. This is a useful suggestion if you already keep track of which resident have a valid passport either with Concierge Plus or with any external list.

    MicrosoftTeams-image (34)
  • Option D - Semi-Automated Verification

    If your community needs a more automated approach, the Concierge Plus support team can help you set up the Vaccine Passport Verified user group and amenity restriction.

    This method allows your staff to add a resident that’s been verified as having a valid vaccine passport to a special user group. Only users inside this special user group will be able to book the amenity or amenities that require a vaccine passport. This method is useful because once its setup you don’t have to manually verify residents and only those who have provided valid proof of vaccination will be able to make a booking. However, the process still requires that either an administrator, resident or user adds new residents with new verified vaccine passports to this special user group.

    Site Administration User Group

Tracking approved vendors and visitors’ vaccine passport status

Some communities may be interested in tracking vendor and visitors’ vaccine passport who wish to enter the community. We have a couple of suggestions on how you can manage this with Concierge Plus.

  • Track Upon Entry

    If you want to track any vendor or visitor as they enter your community, you can create an entry instruction category called Vaccine Passport Verified, or similar.

    Vaccine Passport verified

    When staff login that vendor or visitor, they can request to see the vaccine passport and ID. If approved they can proceed with logging in that person using the Custom Category. For record keeping of the person’s vaccine passport, your staff can use a webcam to take an image of the person’s vaccine passport. This image will be associated to the visitor log in Concierge Plus. The web camera used can be an external webcam that is plugged-in via USB into your computer, or a built-in camera that most laptops have nowadays.

    Log a Visitor
  • Track Before Entry

    If you wish to track vendors and also maintain a database with vaccine passport verified vendors in Concierge Plus, this option might be for you.

    As a first step, contact the Concierge Plus Support Team, and ask them to enable the Vendor Unit for you. Once this is enabled, you can create a Profile Only user for each verified vendor inside the Vendor Unit. To do this, simply select the Vendor Unit from the Suite(s) input field and set the Registration Type to Authorized Agent. You can even add a picture of the user’s profile, which could even be the vendor’s vaccine passport.

    Authorized Agent
  • Before you add a picture the user’s profile, make sure that profile pictures are enabled by heading to Site Administration -> Hardware -> Webcam Photos -> Profile Pictures. You can then head over to the vendor unit and locate the vendor you want and click on Update Image.



  • When the vendor arrives at the site, your staff can search by entering the name and will immediately know that this is a vaccine passport verified vendor. Your staff can then allow access to the vendor.

We hope that he suggestions above are helpful to you and your staff. We also recommend that you consult with your legal council regarding vaccine passports as you may live in a region where vaccine passports aren't required.

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