COVID-19 has presented new and unique challenges, such as social distancing, which is having a profound effect on the property management industry. The pandemic has accelerated a digital transformation of property management operations, and this is a sharp wake-up call for managers who must be prepared to operate remotely and virtually in a ‘new normal’ environment.

What makes the COVID-19 virus outbreak challenging, is the fact that property management is a ‘people’ business. How do managers keep their staff on the same page when they can’t even be in the same room? How do they get closer to their clients when social distancing keeps them from getting within six feet of them? The solution is to use technology made specifically for the needs of residential property managers. By utilizing communication and tracking tools available in property management platforms, managers can maintain a strong and cohesive operation.

Property managers have two primary responsibilities: to carry out policies set by the board and to manage the community’s daily operations. However, now, residents see managers as trusted advisors and their expertise is being used to guide communities through the pandemic.

The following are a few options to consider as you work to reduce risk in your community.


Communication during crisis situations is crucial and a resident portal is an instrumental channel for managers to effectively communicate with ­­residents. Residents expect to be kept in the loop with important information and welcome the opportunity to have a say with regards to important topics. Managers can use the resident portal to ensure residents are apprised of the latest information. This can be done by sending out announcements on how they are managing the outbreak.

With our Announcements solution, you can create, edit, and distribute announcements easily and effectively by email, text message (SMS) or automated phone call. You should also consider broadcasting announcements via display screens strategically placed in the lobby, and within elevators to maximize the effectiveness of audience engagement.

Record keeping

HOAs and condominiums are required to provide access to important documents in the form of document inspection requests, a common practice that will continue even during this pandemic. We expect COVID-19 to affect the normal course of business throughout 2020, especially as we practice social distance and handling physical materials.

Managements should consider uploading community documentation to their resident portal. Using our simple drag-and-drop system, you can upload and distribute documents such as board minutes, forms, by-laws, floor plans, photos, and videos. Permission-based controls allow management to determine exactly who sees what.

Amenity bookings

As cities throughout North America gradually gear up for reopening and ease some COVID-19 restrictions, there are proactive measures and legal concerns communities might want to think about when it comes to managing and maintaining amenities like pools and fitness rooms.

We expect residents to no longer be able to use a pool or fitness room without a reservation due to social distancing. Residents will have to reserve an amenity for any available time slot and should receive scheduled reservation notifications.

Watch the video below in which we introduce our Multiple Simultaneous Amenity Booking feature. 

HubSpot Video


Digital future

With our platform you can streamline the management of amenity bookings with an easy-to-use online form. Email updates are sent automatically when a request is approved or updated. Your residents will love being able to see a detailed list of common amenities as well as a calendar view of their availability. You can even accept online payments for bookings by credit card.

Many property managers have already realized the benefits of running their business on our cloud-based property management platform built with automation at its core. They are using our platform to collect online payments, communicate instantly, support dispersed teams and much more.

It is important to understand that even after the ‘end’ of the coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19 is going to have a lasting impact on how managers and residents communicate for a long time to come. Managers must therefore get ahead of the inevitable digital future of communication within property management.

To help property managers and associations navigate these issues, we created a webinar specifically relating to COVID-19. Entitled “COVID-19 and Technology: Resident Communications, Virtual Meetings, and Electronic Voting,” we invited experts in the field of property management technology to give helpful tips and advice for successfully managing a property remotely and virtually in a ‘new normal’ environment.

Covid-19 & Technology Webinar

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