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Here’s what Property Managers need to know about getting the most out of their Annual General Meetings:

  1. Plan Well in Advance. It is crucial to give advance notice for AGM’s so that attendees can plan accordingly. (Check your local condominium regulations — there is a minimum amount of time that must be given in terms of advance notice.) Send out invitations via email in addition to posting notifications in common areas.

    Tip: If owners are unable to attend, make it easy for them to send a proxy in their place; facilitate this at your building’s front desk.

  2. Have a Clear Agenda. Meeting attendees like to know what they can expect. It’s important to have a well written agenda sent out before the meeting (have hard copies readily available at the meeting, too). Leave time for Q&A under the “New Business” section.

  3. Location. Location. Location (and timing!). Be considerate of people’s busy schedules and choose a time after regular business hours (but not too late) that would be convenient for most attendees. The meeting will more than likely be held in the residential community’s party or meeting room facilities so make sure you have bottled water and snacks on hand as many people will be arriving straight from work.

  4. Invite a Special Guest. Let’s say you  are considering some renovations and upgrades to your lobby. Why not invite the proposed architect, or interior designer, to speak at your AGM? People are often very willing to share their time and experience for the right audience. This will engage attendees as well.

  5. And finally, stick to the timeline. Short is always sweet and time is precious for most people. So establish a start and an end time, and stick to it.

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